Jelly Splash




Connect colored jellies and earn as many points as you can


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Jelly Splash is a puzzle game in the style of 'Bejeweled', where you have to connect jellies of the same color in groups of three or more so that they disappear, earning you points.

Its gameplay shares some things with Candy Crush Saga. As you progress and beat more levels, your screen will fill up with more and more obstacles. At first, that might just mean a simple hole in the grid, but later your problems will become much more complicated.

Jelly Splash contains more than one hundred levels. And, you can challenge your Facebook friends, or ask them to help you through some of the tougher levels - again, just like Candy Crush Saga.

You can enjoy the game colorful design in five different playing modes, at least one of which is sure to captivate both young and old alike.

Jelly Splash is a really fun, visually appealing puzzle game that, thanks to its social elements, is sure to hook many players - especially fans of Bejeweled-style games.